Congrats Letter (Left Side)

This should be the 1st sheet on the left side of your folder. 

It briefly covers training and provides tips for adopters. 

Parts to emphasize:

Important steps after adoption: The 3 bullets underneath the red square (spay/neuter, heartworm preventative, and vaccinations) are extremely important steps that the adopter MUST follow through on. These are detrimental to the dogs health and agreed upon in the contract. 

Spay/Neuter Options (Left Side)

The Spay/Neuter Options sheet should be the 2nd paper on the left.

We always try to get the dog spayed or neutered while still in foster!

The spay/neuter team (Lacy Bray, Kristen Roth, and Brandon Wolf) will try to contact the foster and get it scheduled asap.

Blue: To schedule at Transit Animal Hospital, please call Lacy 716-771-8373 or Kristen 716-628-3432.

Pink: To schedule at Operation Pets, call the clinic directly and then inform someone from the team of the appointment date.

Green: To schedule at Rochester call Brandon 716-525-3339.

Yellow: After spay/neuter, please follow postop instructions regarding no bath, wearing a cone 24/7, and limit activity! These are to prevent infection, wound complications, hernias, and other complications.

Nickel City Pet Pantry (Left Side)

This will be the 3rd sheet on the left side of the folder. 

Our rescue frequently used Nickel City Pet Pantry for our own fosters. 

Adopters can use the discount code on their first order. The food is also delivered directly to their house. 

**When the adopter uses the coupon code for their first order of food, this automatically generates a donation of food to our rescue as well!

NCPP is highly nutritious, good quality food that benefits their new dog while also helping our rescue. 

**Adopters are able to specifically purchase food as a donation directly to our rescue. When they do this, Nickel City Pet Pantry matches the donation pound for pound!

Important Vaccinations/Meds Needed (Right Side)

This will be a yellow 1/2 sheet in the very front on the right side.

This sheet is EXTREMELY important! Put the due dates for everything in your calendar.

If your dog is due for a distemper/parvo vaccine, we frequently have vaccine clinics. Please contact Kelsey or Hannah if a vaccine is needed.

Heartworm and flea/tick are monthly medications. Adopters need to continue these after adoption on the upcoming due dates.

Any medications administered need to be documented on the Vaccination Record sheet.

If your dog is in still in foster when the next round of heartworm and flea/tick is due but you don’t have more medication in your folder, contact someone from the leadership team so we can get you more.

Vaccination Record (Right Side)

This should be the 2nd sheet on the right side.

The medical records from the shelter will also be directly behind this.

This sheet is used to summarize all the dogs current medical care, including information from the shelter and medication/vaccinations received in our care.

Blue: Any time a medication or vaccination is administered while the dog is in foster, it needs to be documented on this sheet. The foster is responsible for documenting any dewormer, flea/tick, or heartworm medication they give.

Green: Please inform adopters the last date heartworm and flea/tick were administered and when they will be due next. They should continue this monthly.

Adoption Contract (Right Side)

This will be on the right side behind all the medical records and an envelope.

Red: When filling out the form, in the top right corner circle Y or N if the dog has been spayed or neutered. Then check the associated box (a or b) under bullet #3.

Blue: Check the box with the adopter’s form of payment. This helps us track how adoptions fees are coming in and make sure we don’t miss any!

Green: The adopter must initial after the appropriate bullet for spay/neuter.options.

Yellow: If the dog is not fixed yet (bullet 3, option a) review and strongly emphasize the timeline the adopter has to complete the procedure, this is per NYS Dept. of Agriculture and is required by law. Explain that this should be scheduled asap. If the adopter does not comply with the timeline, this is considered breach of contract and the dog could be returned to the rescue and adopter charged $1,000 for breach of contract.

Pink: The adopter must keep the dog on a heartworm preventative for 1 full year after adoption. After the year they can discuss with their vet and choose to give hw preventative seasonally or year-round.

Purple: Have the adopter fully complete and sign the contract. Whoever’s name is on the application should be the one filling and singing the contract, not a spouse or other person. Then make sure to sign as the NCCR Representative.

The contract and payment should be mailed or returned asap! There is an stamped and addressed envelope in the folder. Cash cannot be mailed, so please contact a member of leadership team for pickup.

There will be a Petco contract behind the adoption contract to be filled out as well. This helps the rescue receive grants based on our adoptions.

The white copies of both the adoption and Petco contracts should be returned to the rescue. The yellow copies go back in the dog’s folder for the adopter to keep.