Foster a Dog!

Fostering a dog means letting it into your home and treating them as your own pet for a temporary time period. As a foster, you get to select your foster dog in regards to age, breed, size, gender, temperament, etc.

Our rescue will temporarily provide you with supplies including food, crate, toys, etc. The rescue covers the cost of all medical care for the foster dogs.

The average time for fostering is approximately 3 weeks. Some dogs get adopted in as little as 5 days. Some take a month or more depending on multiple factors.

We can’t save dogs without YOU!

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and our rescue couldn’t exist without our volunteers!

Fostering highly increases an animal’s chance of getting adopted. Animals in foster care tend to be better socialized and better adjusted to living as a pet. It also helps potential adopters to see what a great personality the animal has in a home setting.

Some animals are not ready to be adopted immediately. In addition to needing extra love and care, they have to learn to trust people and live in a human environment. Foster parents help these animals by providing a temporary home until the animal is ready for adoption.

Don’t forget when you foster YOU feel good! Your shelter or rescue group helps more animals and your foster pet is happy, healthy and well-socialized. Talk about a win-win-win!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering a Dog with NCCR

Can I work full-time?

Yes, of course! – Most of our foster families all work full-time. It’s completely normal and okay for your foster dog to be crated for a full work day.

How long does it take foster dogs to get adopted?

Typically, our dogs are in foster care for an average of 3 weeks. Some dogs get adopted sooner while some dogs wait a bit longer for their forever home.

Do I get a say on who adopts my foster?

Yes & no – We work on a first come first serve basis. So, the first person that expresses interest in a dog (and is fully approved) gets the first right to adopt. However, we would never require a foster to leave their dog in a home they did not feel was a good fit for their foster. Just because they are approved to adopt, doesn’t mean they are a good fit for that specific dog.

What if I want to adopt my foster?

Once you have successfully fostered 2 dogs, you are able to adopt your third.

Do I get to pick my foster dog?

Yes! You have complete control of what dog you foster.

What if I only have a few days here and there that I can foster? Am I still able to foster?

Yes! We call them “vacation fosters” and they are just as important as full-time fosters. Many times a foster family has plans to go away for a weekend or has family coming in for a night and they need a foster to watch their dog for a day or two.

How often do I need to foster?

There is no minimum number of times you need to foster per year.

Do I need to take the dog to the vet?

All of our dogs are seen by a vet prior to being transported up here and receive a health certificate. This prevents most of our dogs from having to see a vet when they are up here. Occasionally foster dogs will need to see vets for follow ups or unexpected medical issues.

Can I share my foster dog on social media?

Yes! So many dogs have found their forever homes with their fosters family, friends & coworkers because of this.

What does Nickel City provide and what am I responsible for?

We provide everything the dog needs while in foster care (food, treats, toys, medicine, crates etc.). All that we ask fosters is a place for the dog to sleep and love.

What information do I know about the dog before I agree to foster?

The information we get on each dog ranges from shelter to shelter. The most important information we ask for is if they dog friendly and kid friendly. Other information we might have includes information about if they are housebroken, crate trained, how they are on a leash, in a crate, their energy level and if they are good with cats.

When I started fostering I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with it!

Seeing a dog come from being broken down and afraid, to a tail wagging happy dog in their forever home, is so rewarding. Not only knowing you helped save that dog but also opening a kennel up in the shelter for another dog.

Fostering is all you could ever think of: exciting, fun, rewarding and over all a great time! It can be sad when you get so attached but seeing them thrive is the most unforgettable feeling!

Mckenna Collignon
Fostering since 2019